Welcome to Rockville for Equality in Marriage!

UPDATED: Fundraising finished! Sign distribution starts Monday, Oct. 29!

This site is quick and dirty, and it only has one purpose -- to distribute yard signs to anyone in Rockville interested in showing their support for marriage equality in Maryland this year. Time is short, and there's no time for fancy websites.

Marriage equality is the sort of issue that more people will feel comfortable supporting if people they know and trust -- their neighbors -- are supporting it. A yard sign is just about the best way for someone to publicly demonstrate that they support this basic civil right, and encourage their neighbors to do so as well.

Here's the deal: A few folks in Rockville wanted to get the message out by printing up some yard signs and giving them away. They've kicked in around $700. A few more folks said, "How can we help?" UPDATE: And people helped plenty! The response was tremendous -- $645 raised in a matter of hours -- and we've raised all we can spend on this. The sign order is in, they're being rushed back to us, and all that's left to do is find yards for 300 signs.

The signs will arrive this weekend, and can be picked up starting next Monday morning, Oct. 29, at 11 Forest Avenue in Rockville (see map below!).

Whether or not you kicked in a few bucks toward this effort, you're more than welcome to nab some signs. Questions? Email us. Our preliminary state Statement of Organization is here.

11 Forest Avenue, Rockville, MD